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Our kindergartens

The kindergarten in Balice, Akacjowa 46 is located in  the  beautiful and spacious detached house. The premise  is specially adapted for the needs of the kindergarten. You can find here spacious and colorful playrooms (with a variety of toys, didactic aids and gymnastic equipment), a cloakroom and special children’s bathrooms with mini WC’s. There will be also a large playground equipped with properly certified toys.

The kindergarten in Krzeszowice is situated at Żbicka 2. The building is found in a quiet area,  surrounded by old trees and its own garden of about 3000 square metres with a beautiful  playground  equipped with safe, properly certified toys, adjusted to the age and height of the children. The building has spacious, colorful classrooms and sanitary facilities with mini WC’s and washbasins.

The profile of the kindergarten

English-Polish  kindergarten AKADEMIA MAŁYCH TYGRYSKÓW  from the very beginning  has been promoting early learning of the English language among children.

Apart from teaching the language, we are also very careful to prepare children for school education in the best possible way. In our everyday work we use, among other things, author’s programmes by Professor Bronisław Rocławski „Glottodydaktyka” (Glottodidactics) and by Professor Ewa Gruszczyk-Kolczynska „Dziecięca matematyka” (Children’s maths), which introduce children to the world of sounds, letters and numbers; we also use elements of developing physical activity by Veronica Sherborne, etc.

Moreover, English-Polish Kindergarten AKADEMIA MAŁYCH TYGRYSKÓW cares about artistic development of its pupils by shaping their artistic sensitivity, creating conditions for the development of their imagination and fantasy as well as plastic, musical and physical expression. This is reflected in various activities offered by the kindergarten, such as: rhythm, music education and plastic classes, dance classes, theatrical workshops, corrective gymnastics, etc.

Our aim is to bring up children who will be courageous, self-confident and open for changes, as these features will help them enter the adult life.

The aims and objectives of kindergarten AKADEMIA MAŁYCH TYGRYSKÓW:

The main educational and didactic objectives of our kindergarten include:

  • taking care of children and their safety,
  • assisting in the individual development of the child, using its natural abilities, shaping child’s attitudes in relationships with other people, with the world and life,
  • bringing the psychical and physical development of the child to a level enabling it to begin school education,
  • assisting parents in taking care of the child and in bringing it up,
  • taking into account the individual needs of the child,
  • trying to provide equal possibilities for children, strengthening their confidence in themselves and in the possibilities of success,
  • creating conditions developing children’s independence, taking responsibility for themselves and their closest environment,
  • shaping observation skills, helping to understand phenomena which take place in the child’s natural, social, cultural and technical environment,
  • making children aware of the presence of other cultures and communication forms, developing general knowledge about the world by everyday contact with a language different than their own – i.e. English, arousing cognitive curiosity, encouraging to study things and to express their own thoughts and feelings, developing artistic sensitivity by creating conditions for the development of their imagination and fantasy as well as plastic, musical and physical expression.

Pedagogical staff

The kindergarten employs qualified young educators who completed their MA studies and postgraduate studies, who also have licences to conduct classes of Glottodidactics by Professor Bronisław Rocławski, Children’s Maths by Professor Ewa Gruszczyk-Kolczynska, speech therapy, or re-education. The headmaster of the kindergarten is Kinga Grzybowska, a pedagogue with many-years experience in working with children, aware of all their needs and preferences. The pedagogical staff support children’s mental and physical development as well as their abilities and interests on an everyday basis. The staff respect children’s rights and their dignity. The teachers tenderly care for each and every one of their pupils and stay in good relationships with their parents. Parents, on the other hand, have the possibility to meet their child’s teacher every day.

How the kindergarten works

The activity of the kindergarten includes taking care of children between 2,5 and 5 years of age. The groups do not exceed 15-16 children. The kindergarten is open from 7.00 am to 6.00 pm. This is to suit the needs of the majority of working parents, who, with no additional stress, can get to us to take their children.

After-dinner rest

This is usually associated with the necessity to go to sleep – but our children can choose between resting, sleeping or playing, which allows them to relax and quiet down in a way which suits their characters best.

The „basic” group – monthly tuition fee is 690,00 pln – the price includes glottodidactics classes, English classes held every day  rhythm education, gymnastics, plastic, all-day board, stay between 7.00 am. and 6.00 p.m.

Additional payments include: plastic classes with an artist, theatrical classes, excursions outside the kindergarten, concerts.